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At Limelight Wellness we offer simple treatment plans that destroy hair follicles in just a few minutes. Our highly certified laser technicians have mastered the art of laser hair removal, and have more than 10 years of collective experience providing successful results. Our high-end equipment is completely FDA-approved, and it has a rich history of delivering the best possible permanent results to remove unwanted body and facial hair. Say good-bye to time consuming, frustrating, and expensive shaving products, and leave painful and bloody nicks and cuts in the past. Your body deserves the best, and you have earned the opportunity to get smooth, beautiful skin for the rest of your life.

Our number one priority is your comfort and safety, and we do everything we can to make sure you leave each appointment happy. Our clinic has been designed with our clients and their experiences at the center of it all, and we are rewarded each and every day with every smile and compliment that we receive. Our modern facility is exclusively equipped with the very best machines which promise results that you can count on, and they are all clinically proven to deliver non-invasive laser treatments.

Why Choose Our Laser Hair Removal Clinic?

Proven Results

Smooth skin results that you can feel, see, and love.

State-of-the-Art Technology

We use cutting-edge FDA-approved equipment to provide effective and long-lasting results.*

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Convenient Location

We’re located right next to Yaletown-Roundhouse subway station in the Downtown Core of Vancouver.

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Our Patients Love Us

Over 70 five star reviews proves clinic’s excellence in delivering high quality patient care

*Individual treatment results may vary.

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Technology We Use at Limelight for Laser Hair Removal:

Soprano ICE

  • 7 years of clinically proven effectiveness
  • FDA cleared for skin types I-VI and tanned skin
  • Fast, cool treatment for the patient

Gentle Max Pro

  • The Gold Standard for Laser Hair Removal in all Fitzpatrick skin types.
  • Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), which minimizes discomfort by releasing a quick burst of liquid cryogen before and after each laser pulse.

Wave good bye to stubble, bumps, and irritation

You want to feel your skin’s smoothness both with the grain and against the grain as well. After going through the process of laser hair removal you can be rest assured that any kind of stubble, bumps, and irritation that you used to get with shaving will be a thing of the past. Your skin will remain the same day in and day out, and you will be left thinking “why didn’t I do this years ago?!”


Highly Certified Laser Technicians

We have some of the province’s top laser technicians who have been extensively trained and received the highest certifications available. They are extremely skilled and experienced at what they do, and many of our technicians have had the treatment themselves on their own bodies, so they actually believe in the value and freedom that laser hair removal provides.

Learn How Laser Hair Removal Works in Less Than 30 Seconds

When done properly, laser hair removal can be an excellent solution for dealing with unwanted body hair. At Limelight Wellness we help patients safely, and effectively remove and reduce hair growth using laser treatment. Contact us today so we can learn about your goals, discuss options, answer your questions, and educate you so that you can properly decide if laser hair removal is right for you. Our clinic is conveniently located at the corner of Richards and Drake street, right next to the Yaletown-Roundhouse subway station in Vancouver’s downtown area. Limelight Wellness Centre is your clinic for downtown Vancouver laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Removal FAQ Section

Is It Expensive?

We get it, laser hair removal can be a costly investment. We are very accommodating and client friendly when it comes to budgets, so we offer high quality treatments that are affordable for the average woman. You work hard for your money, and we also understand the value of a dollar, so you can feel confident that your laser hair removal investment is one that will pay off short-term, and especially over the long-term.

How Long Does it Take?

Your time is valuable and we deeply respect that. Each treatment we provide is quick, and in fact, a typical session is completed in under 30 minutes. You have better things to be doing than battling with hair removal, and we make each experience as fast and painless as possible.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Using a high-tech laser, hair follicles are destroyed within just a few quick minutes with minimal discomfort. By deploying highly concentrated energy, hair follicles are targeted and focused pulses of light are emitted. The pigment of hair attracts the laser’s energy, in much the same way that the sun’s rays are attracted to clothing that is darker in colour. It’s for this main reason that laser hair removal performs best on people who have coarse and dark hair with a fair complexion. If you don’t fit this profile that’s OK too, as results can be just fine on many other types of hair and skin colours. We have various types of lasers, each of which are specifically designed to cater towards a certain kind of skin and hair profile. We treat each client in a unique fashion, and tailor each solution to maximize the end-result.

What Should I Expect?

The feeling of the laser’s pulse can perhaps be best described as the impact felt from a rubber band snapping on your skin. The hair falls over a period of time within the next one to three weeks. The entire process requires a series of treatments, but results can be felt and seen after the initial session. After every treatment you will notice less and less hairs returning, and it’s crucial to complete the entire series of treatments to get the best results of permanent hair reduction.

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