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Welcome to Limelight Physiotherapy Clinic in Vancouver Downtown

Woman's rehabilitation at Limelight Physiotherapy Clinic in Vancouver Downtown
Limelight physiotherapy clinic with highly educated therapists having over 15 years of experience are dedicated to plan an effective treatment based on accurate assessments and relieve your pain using state of the art technology, manual therapy and most recent therapeutic techniques.

Our patients are our number one priority. From the moment you enter our clinic and throughout your rehabilitation, everything has been designed to make your experience exceptional. Whether you are suffering from chronic or acute pain, or you are suffering from pain  which is not responding to treatments, our Registered Physiotherapists will assess and treat your conditions to help you get your life back .

Our modern facility is conveniently located at the corner of Richards and Drake streets right next to Yaletown-Roundhouse subway station in Vancouver Downtown Area.

Why Choose Our Physiotherapists?

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One-on-one treatment provided by experienced registered physiotherapists

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Direct Insurance Billing

We work with most insurers and can bill them directly on your behalf.

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Located right next to Yaletown-Roundhouse subway station.

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Our Patients Love Us

Over 70 five star reviews proves clinic’s excellence in delivering high quality patient care

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Physiotherapy Treatment Sessions:

  • Rehabilitative Sonographic Assessment
  • Postural Assessment
  • Manual Therapy
  • Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) / Dry Needling
  • Pre & Post-Surgical Pre-habilitation/ Rehabilitation
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Mechanical Traction
  • Strengthening Programs (Core, Back, Specific Muscles)
  • Compression Stocking
  • Orthotics and Bracing

Some Conditions Physiotherapy Can Treat:

Neck Pain and Low Back Pain
Disc Bulges and Disc Herniations
Sprains and Strains
Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Impingement
Rotator cuff tendonitis
Rotator cuff tears
Labral Tears of the Shoulder
Shoulder Dislocations
Calcific tendinitis
Bursitis of the Shoulder and Other Joints
Myositis ossificans
Tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylitis)
Golfers Elbow (Medial Epicondylitis)
De Quervains syndrome
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Skiiers Thumb
Spinal Stenosis
Hip Pain
Hip Arthritis
Labral tears of the Hip
Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)
Hamstring Injuries
Trochanteric Bursitis
IT Band Syndrome (Iliotibial Band)
Patella Femoral Syndrome (PFS or PFPS)
Chondromalacia Patella
Osteochondritis Dessicans
Meniscal tears
Ligament Tears (ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL)
Bakers Cyst
Pes Anserine Bursitis
Shin Splints
Tibialis Posterior Tendinitis
Achilles Tendonitis
Achilles Apophysitis
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
Calcaneal Fat Pad Syndrome
Plantar Fasciitis
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Psoriatic Arthritis
Ligament tears
Ligament ruptures
Joint Dislocations
Post-operative Rehabilitation
Pre-habilitation (prior to surgery)
and more ….
Mix of photos showing different physiotherapy treatments

Assessment at Our Physiotherapy Clinic

  • Rehabilitative Sonographic Assessment: Our rehabilitative Ultrasound Imaging is a great tool that let us see inside your muscles, tendon and joints which helps in accurate assessment of the musculoskeletal system and follow up the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Functional Assessment
  • Postural Assessment(Learn more) link it to postural assessment page
  • Neuromuscular and Musculoskeletal assessment

Physiotherapy Treatment at Limelight Wellness

  • Shockwave Therapy for resistive pain like Tennis elbow, Achilles tendinitis, Bunion pain, Calcium deposits and most of the chronic pain syndromes which are not cured through other treatment methods.
  • Dry needling technique or IMS  which is one of the most effective treatment in case of trigger point pain in muscles, Lower & upper back pain and Headaches causing by neck issues.
  • Manual therapy techniques, exercise prescription, postural assessment and postural correction exercises has proven results and one of the best to offer to you in Limelight physiotherapy clinic.
  • Exercise prescription: Now we have started using Physitrack exercise therapy application, helps getting our clients the confidence to perform their exercises correctly thanks to the crystal clear, fully narrated videos you receive as email or in the free app you can download. Built-in reminders help you to keep on track and motivated. In the end, exercises are only beneficial when they are done (correctly).
  • More treatments will be implemented based on your need like: Ultrasound Therapy, Mechanical Traction,  Strengthening Programs (Core, Back, Specific Muscles), Compression Stocking Measurement and Fitting, Orthotics & Bracing Prescription and Fitting, Ergonomic Active Sitting Chair.
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Reception of Limelight Physio Clinic in Vancouver Downtown
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