Everyone gets sore, tired, and stressed out from time to time, it’s an inevitable reality of life for all of us no matter where or how we live. There are many ways that we deal with these issues in order to heal ourselves as quickly as possible, and massage therapy is one of the best treatments you can get. 

Five reasons why massage therapy is ideal for the relief of stress 

  1. Your heart benefits from massage therapy – It has been medically proven that through massage therapy, your heart rate and blood pressure is lowered, which results in less stress on your body’s most important muscle and helps you maintain an improved circulatory system. With a healthier heart you can exercise more effectively and safely as well, which in turn offers more positive benefits to your heart. 
  2. Massage therapy is excellent for your body and mind – Stress is a negativity that affects your entire body by making it stiff and sore, and your mind is also greatly affected too which can result in headaches, insomnia, stomach issues, and tiredness. Massage therapy melts away the stress that you feel in your body and mind so that you can feel loose and relaxed, and have a clear mind so that you can focus on living your life to the fullest each day. 
  3. Dealing with chronic health issues can be easier with massage therapy – For those of us who have to regularly deal with chronic health issues such as recurring injuries, joint pain, digestive disorders, soft tissue injuries, and difficult to treat conditions such as fibromyalgia, massage can be a much welcomed therapy when used in combination with your regular treatment program from your physician. The stress from any of these conditions can be overwhelming, but therapeutic massages can help to takeaway some of the negative impacts they make on your body. 
  4. Get in a better mood with massage therapy – Your mood is directly associated with the amount of stress you carry around with you, and the less stress you have, the better your mood is likely to be. To be able to escape to a comforting massage environment, away from the hectic daily routines of our lives makes such a dramatic difference on our mood, and even how we feel about ourselves. Coming out of a massage therapy session you feel happy, relaxed, and refreshed. 
  5. Massage therapy can assist you with attaining your goals – How many times have you set clear goals to achieve, but came up short and were disappointed in yourself? Chances are, more than a handful in your life, and stress likely played a key factor by affecting your behaviour and motivation to get stuff done. By keeping your stress levels in check you can confidently set and consistently reach your goals, and massage therapy can go a long way in enjoying a relatively stress free lifestyle. 

At Limelight Wellness our therapists are thoroughly trained in giving massage therapy treatment, have many years of valuable experience, and have a passion for our patient’s well being. We offer a variety of massage styles to accommodate both wellness and clinical therapy, and insurance often covers treatment sessions either partially or even fully depending on your policy. To learn more about how massage therapy can help benefit your body, mind, and life, contact us now or visit our office today.