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Limelight Courses & Training

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Limelight Courses & Training

  • Laser Hair Removal Technician Course
  • Advanced Laser Hair Removal Course
  • Spider Vein Removal Course
  • Acne Scar and Scar treatment Course
  • Advanced Medical Laser Training Course
  • Chemical Peeling and Dermabrasion Course
  • Tatoo and Pigmentation Removal Course
  • Lypo Desolve mesotherapy Course
  • Microneedling and facial therapy
  • Lypo freezing and body contouring technician course
  • Hydro facial Technician Course
  • Aesthetic Dermatology Technician Course

Medical Chemical Peeling

This is an advanced course of skin care for rejuvenation. This course teaches the students the epidermis & dermis in detail which gives a thorough understanding of how these layers of skin regenerate.
This course is divided into theory and clinical practice. After completion students will get a certificate.

This course compromises of:

  • Various kinds of peelings
  • The epidermis, dermis, skin resurfacing Exfoliation.
  • Customizing chemical peel treatments.
  • Final exam upon completion of the course


  • Application of different types of chemical peels.
  • Perform applications with different chemical peels.
  • Final clinical exam

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