Laser Spider Vein Removal Course

Woman's rehabilitation at Limelight Physiotherapy Clinic in Yaletown (Vancouver's Downtown Core)

Who is Eligible:

Recommended for medical and aesthetic practitioners, however minimum high school graduation level to understand physics, biology in English is required.

Limited seats up to 8 students.

Course outline:

This course is designed for those professionals with knowledge of cosmetic medical laser application or those who have finished the laser competence course.

Students in this module will study vascular system and cause of delated superficial vessels. Participants will also have extensive practical skills on various types of superficial vascular anomalies and spider veins on the face and body, especially legs. 

Patients’ selection, analysis, safety protocols, pre and post care, and follow-ups are essential steps in this skill.

Graduates will receive certification of completion and will be able to work and apply their knowledge beside dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and those who have independently set-up their laser vein removal in their previous operation, salon, spa, or laser hair removal centers. 

Course Topics:

  • Definition, physiology, and anatomy of small vessels (Telangiectasia, spider vein) 
  • History of laser vascular lesion treatment plus different types of laser for treatment of vascular lesion
  • Sclerotherapy as another modality (comparison, indication, contra indication, and complication)
  • Analysis of vascular lesions (spider veins, Telangiectasia, etc.)
  • Patient consultation
  • Hygiene and sanitization for treatment procedure.

Theory exam and clinical assessment and certification 


After completion of course you will sit for one hour written exam and 30, minutes practical exam. Upon passing your tests You will receive a certificate from Limelight Wellness Academy within one week. 

Fee: $1850


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