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Laser Competence Certification Course for Laser and IPL Technicians

Limelight Wellness

Laser Competence Certification Course for Laser and IPL Technicians

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Who is Eligible:

Recommended for medical and aesthetic practitioners, however minimum high school graduation level to understand physics, biology in English is required.

Limited seats up to 8 students.

Course outline:

This course is in 5 days intensive program {3days theory,1 day hands on practice and 1 day final exam) by internationally recognized Tutors and will cover:

  • Conventional hair removal techniques.
  • History, overview of laser, and IPL fundamentals, physics, and laser tissue interactions. 
  • Information and clinical lectures are offered on most used lasers such as, ND-YAG, Alexandrite, and Diode Parameters. 
  • Explanation of anatomy and physiology of hair and skin to achieve best results in laser hair reduction.
  • Patient selection, orientation, and documentation.
  • Laser Hair removal tips and tricks
  • Ethics of laser practices, laser safety, and equipment handling
  • Intensive pulse light (IPL)

After completion of this course, students will gain knowledge and adequate skills for practicing in Aesthetic medicine field alongside with doctors, as a laser hair removal technician. They can also work in spas, beauty salons, or run independently by their own.

Course Topics:

  • Skin and hair anatomy and physiology
  • Laser safety, equipment handling, and laser room setup
  • Clinical lectures on Hirsutism and related basic endocrinology
  • Skin types and its major distribution
  • History and overview of laser
  • Client consultation and expectation on their major complaints and its management
  • Fundamentals of laser and light physics
  • Laser tissue interactions
  • Patient selection, orientation, and documentation
  • Skin disease and contraindications
  • Drugs and laser interactions
  • Sanitization, sterilization, and bacteriology
  • Ethics of laser practices
  • Laser Hair removal tips and tricks
  • Laser Hair removal videos
  • Before and after care
  • Practice on a live model
  • Final exam and certification


After completion of course you will sit for one hour written exam and 30, minutes practical exam. Upon passing your tests You will receive a certificate from Limelight Wellness Academy within one week.

Fee: $3650


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