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Permanently Clean Up Your Uni-Brow Area

You can certainly appreciate well sculpted and shaped eyebrows. You take notice of them right away, because eyebrows are something that get people’s attention with the eyes lying just below them. Lots of people feel insecure about their eyebrows, and the patch between their left and right brows is a constant challenge to keep clear, and free from an undesirable uni-brow situation happening. The good news is that you can have a permanently clear area between your eyebrows through laser hair removal treatment, to provide the perfect separation between each one evermore.

Eyebrow shaping is something that you likely have done at a salon from time to time, and tweeze hairs between appointments. With eyebrows laser hair removal we specifically target the section between the eyebrows, and in well under 5 minutes per treatment, an entire series of treatments certainly doesn’t take too long at all to enjoy perfect separation between your eyebrows forever.  

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    Technology We Use at Limelight for Laser Hair Removal:

    Soprano ICE

    • 7 years of clinically proven effectiveness
    • FDA cleared for skin types I-VI and tanned skin
    • Fast, cool treatment for the patient

    Gentle Max Pro

    • The Gold Standard for Laser Hair Removal in all Fitzpatrick skin types.
    • Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), which minimizes discomfort by releasing a quick burst of liquid cryogen before and after each laser pulse.

    Laser hair treatments versus daily tweezing efforts

    A common battle for both women and men is freeing up the space between the eyebrows, to reveal smooth skin that’s hair-free. Tweezing is tedious, time consuming, and uncomfortable when pulling out stubborn hairs, and waxing can be painful and leave your skin red and tender for many hours after. With eyebrows laser hair removal you can forget about the negative aspects of tweezing and waxing forever, and keep that centre skin free of irritation, bumps, and redness.

    Learn How Laser Hair Removal Works in Less Than 30 Seconds

    Why is this centre patch of hair so important to remove?

    This is such a small piece of real estate on your face, but it’s a significant one because nobody wants to look like they have a caterpillar sleeping above their eyes. The devil is in the details, and by having your “centre eyebrow” permanently removed, it allows your left and right eyebrow to have their own space, and visually it makes a huge difference when you or someone else looks at your eye area. You have likely admired a few eyebrows that you saw in the past, and that’s likely because they weren’t thick or thin, were well sculpted, symmetrical, and the gap between them was perfectly shaped between the eyebrows. Everything matched and lined up extremely well, and you took notice of it. The odds are good that the best eyebrows you have witnessed have had laser treatment done to them, and yours can look entirely better by doing the same.

    Your eyes stand out more when your eyebrows are well taken care of, and your face is more contoured and ultimately, your appearance is immensely improved upon. You look more polished, sophisticated, and well taken care of, and you can have this in no time flat through eyebrows laser hair removal treatment. Receive a free consultation from our clinic to learn about how easy and quickly you can keep the middle of your eyebrow area clear of hair, for the rest of your life.