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Compression Socks Vancouver

Compression therapy involves the creation of a medical gradient compression using elastic material (garment) around the leg to help improve blood flow up the legs. This therapy is very helpful in preventing health problems such as leg swelling, blood clots, heavy legs, venous stasis, and venous walls deterioration.

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Why Choose Our Compression Socks?

Limelight Wellness stocks high-quality medical gradient stockings for patients in Vancouver. The materials and design of the stockings are crafted  to meet all the medical accuracy standards.

The stockings are engineered using special materials that facilitate quick evaporation of perspiration from the skin to keep the legs cool. They are also fashionable and guarantee users of extra comfort all day.

The secret is getting the compression socks that perfectly suits your situation, guarantees results, and matches your personal lifestyle. This is the reason we have the best professionals to help you understand the compression socks and how to use them to get results.
Awaiting a final diagnosis from our expert therapists, medical gradient compression socks will be recommended as an important part of your treatment if we feel it will be a helpful solution.

Key Problems Treated With Compression Socks

Compression therapy can be used in various forms such as stockings, socks or bandages depending on individual conditions. Some of the conditions that can be treated with compression socks include:

  • Thrombosis
  • Phlebitis
  • Heavy legs
  • Blood vessel malformations
  • Edema
  • Chronic venous disease
  • Leg ulcers

Key benefits of using compression socks

It is a Reliable Preventive Medical Device

The medical gradient compression socks are designed with varying compression and compression rates. The ideal compression sock will depend on the level of compression needed (can be mild, moderate or firm support?).

No matter the compression level recommended for your situation, the stockings will softly massage the muscles of the leg the entire day. This will help in preventing problems such as venous blood or backflow of the blood which results in serious aches.

Mild (15-20 mmHg)  support compression socks are designed to relieve:

  • Fatigue legs and aching
  • Leg swelling
  • Minor ankle swelling
  • Minor varicosities
  • Minor varicosities experienced during pregnancy

Moderate  (20-30 mmHg) support compression socks are designed to relieve:

  • Moderate leg swelling
  • Moderate ankle swelling
  • Post-sclerotherapy applications
  • Average varicosities
  • Moderate leg and ankle swelling and varicosities experienced during pregnancy.

Firm  (30-40 mmHg) support compression socks are designed to relieve:

  • Severe leg and ankle swelling
  • Severe varicosities
  • Lymphedema

Using Combined Treatments

At Limelight Wellness clinics in Vancouver, we use a multidisciplinary approach when treating clients. By designing a comprehensive treatment plan tailored for every client, we raise the chances of faster recovery and long-term prevention.

When compression socks are used together with other therapies, they have been demonstrated to be very effective in treating venous disorders.

Contact us today to talk to a healthcare expert at Limelight Wellness to establish if you need compression socks as part of your treatment.

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