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Feel Fantastic in Your Bikini

At Limelight Wellness we provide services to help empower women to feel the very best about their bodies and minds that they possibly can in any kind of situation.

Think back to all of the pain you have gone through shaving some of the most sensitive parts of your body, the nicks, cuts, and irritation and all of the time you have carefully spent maintaining that area is many hours that you will never get back. Smooth, clear, and clean skin is always a mandate when it comes to shaving, but you only get to enjoy that for a few hours before stubble or ingrown hairs pop up. Not fun! With the help of Brazilian laser hair removal your skin will look and feel just like it did when you were first born, soft to the touch and hair free.


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    Technology We Use at Limelight for Laser Hair Removal:

    Soprano ICE

    • 7 years of clinically proven effectiveness
    • FDA cleared for skin types I-VI and tanned skin
    • Fast, cool treatment for the patient

    Gentle Max Pro

    • The Gold Standard for Laser Hair Removal in all Fitzpatrick skin types.
    • Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), which minimizes discomfort by releasing a quick burst of liquid cryogen before and after each laser pulse.

    The Benefits of Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

    After getting proper Brazilian laser hair removal treatment you can expect to:

    – Feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin
    – Look spectacular in whatever bikini or lingerie you feel like wearing
    – Save lots of time from shaving, or even more time at the salon getting waxed
    – Over the years you will save money, especially if you used to get waxed on a monthly basis
    – Enjoy your bump-free, silky, and beautiful skin


    Learn How Laser Hair Removal Works in Less Than 30 Seconds